The "Naive" Series (2009)

« Discovering new pigments inspires me, I like playing with colour, it’s a bit for that reason that I often create patchworks on my canvas, so I put together several colours and see what happens. Even before knowing what I’m going to paint, I know which colour will dominate. This colour motivates me even more than the subject, I want to discover what it has to say, what emotion it creates. I would compare it to the melody, and the subject would be the lyrics.

Today, more than ever, I have fun when painting. It is no more about portraits that I have to replicate with exactitude, or landscapes where I have to work on shades and lights precisely. Only remains the pleasure of painting, no expectations, except maybe the one to make people looking dream. 

I like to amaze the spectator and the joy is even bigger if I can make them smile.

In the end, I think it is this smile that pleases me the most today. It does not just illuminates the spectator’s eyes but all their face, what’s more beautiful than that? 

That’s what led me to naive painting and it goes so well with my love for colours! »

Kim Normandin