The "Flower" Series (2004)

We sometimes forget, Kim Normandin says, to look around us and to let ourselves invade by nature, it is what she expresses in her series she sometimes refers as words of roses!

Kim Normandin’s flowers are the theme of this series, charming with their warmth. All of them, even the roses, have something tropical. This exuberance, that attracts the attention at first sight, leads to a more secret world, that only reveals itself with an attention to details specific to Kim. In those same flowers, we will find a reflection of the thoughts that go through the artist’s mind when she paints. Thoughts of which we can guess some words, recipes, poems or notes. Those writings, admirably integrated within the piece, are not there as a message, they bring texture to the subject, with a surprising effect. This surprising mariage of the brushstroke and pen deserves a second look. 

Text from Yves Steinmetz, Kim’s art teacher during her secondary school cycle