Courses and workshops available

Intensive workshops

For all those workshops, you can come as a group of 4 people or leave your details in the « contact » section and we will call you back as soon as a sufficient number of people have subscribe.


« Creativity 1 » Workshop

This workshop is suitable to artists that never really went out of the usual paths. In this course, we will learn what is possible to create when adding all sorts of things directly on the canvas: egg shelves pieces, pieces of paper, structural mortar, crackle medium… $80/person.

« Abstract painting » Workshop

 There are many ways to do abstract painting, whether it is voluntarily or free-style, you are sure to have some fun! This workshop is ideal to let your mind go freely and unleash your spontaneity. Abstract does not mean without technicality, so be ready to learn while having fun! $60/person.

« Creativity 2 » Workshop

Creativity 2 is a workshop aimed at people who would like to discover what is currently happening in the art world. With collage, scraping and writing, you will create a very personal rich and poetic piece. All the equipment is provided, however, you will need to bring a picture of yourself and of your family, or pictures of trips etc. $80/person.

« Christmas tree ornaments » Workshop

You will not want to buy your Christmas tree ornaments anymore! Pierrette Leduc comes for the day to help make this special day a festival of luxury and shine, her Christmas balls being absolute jewels! You will be free to work with the colors that suit your home environment to create  about 3 to 5 Christmas balls. All necessary equipment will be provided. $40/person.  

« The portrait » Workshop

Whether you are a beginner or have an advanced level, this workshop is ideal for you to become real portrait artists. With simple tips, techniques and step by step guidance that every one can understand, follow and assimilate, you will come out of this class with pencil and notepad in hand ready to capture your entire family and friend group. $30/person.

« Colour charter » Workshop

Whether it is to have your own charter to put on your wall in your workshop, to have fun mixing colours or simply to start your journey in painting, this course is a day in the world of chromotherapy. $30/person.