Available pieces

I spent quite some time teaching but I continue to paint on my own time. If you are interested iby one of my pieces, do not hesitate to contact me at infokimnormandin@gmail.com or using one of the details available on my Contact page.  

Currently available for sale:

Femme Mannequin  (24x36in) $1040

Femme Mannequin (24x36in) $1040

Bouquet zen  (16x24in) $478

Bouquet zen (16x24in) $478

Have an idea in mind?

I also take orders for personnalised pieces. If you would like me to paint a specific piece for you, please get in touch directly to discuss the requirements, the size, the timescales, the prices etc. My contact details are available on the Contact page. 

I also encourage you to have a look at my different social network pages which will give you more information on the classes I teach, seasonal events I organise, my past work or future workshops I will be offering.